Deepening with Carmel
9:00AM-10:15 AM

Restorative Yoga with Talena Ward
new time
1pm- 2:15 pm
starting March 12th
Restorative poses are held and practiced in this class.


Thriving Warrior with Carmel
9:15AM-10:30 AM
This is a strong class for 50+ who are looking for some challenges in their practice.  Inversions are practiced.

Deepening with Carmel
6:00PM-7:15 PM
A class designed to serve students of all levels.


Align & Flow with Dana Olsen
10AM-11:15 AM
this class will be cancelled 2/21 and 2/28

Vinyasa Flow with Kristina Hoover
6PM – 7:15PM


Hip Openers with Carmel
9:15AM-10:30 AM
Hips, Hips and more Hips…all are welcome.

Intro to Yoga with Carmel
5:30 – 6:30pm
for beginners and therapy

Candlelight Yoga with Talena
7:00PM-8:15 PM
easy flow, breathwork, restorative poses


Align & Flow with Karen Trotzinka
9:15AM-10:30 AM

Align & Flow with Dana Olsen
6:30PM-7:45 PM
A strong Practice with Inversions.


Essential Warrior  50+ with Carmel
9:15AM-10:45 AM
This class is designed for beginners where you will learn to
align and get strong in your body.


Essentials with Karen Trotzinka
8:00AM-9:15 AM
Come to learn the basics of an aligned yoga practice.

Deepening with Carmel
9:30AM-11:00 AM
A strong practice with inversions.