Carmel’s passion for yoga was immediate, and now after 27 years of practice, she is filled with gratitude for walking into her first class.  It began slow and steady with one class a week, and then adding on a home practice every morning before she went to her job as a photographer at Macy’s.

“I have been blessed to have found this practice when I did, and to understand that yoga is a practice that will be with me for all my life.  It starts out only physical, and then you begin to melt into a deeper understanding of what yoga can be.  It is an individual discovery, and I am sure for each one of us, it shifts us to be all that we can be.”

“At this time in my life I love to teach teachers, so they can become more confident in their teaching.  I also love to teach 50+, I call them my warriors, we are thriving to be all and more, it’s a beautiful thing to move into the opportunity that life presents to us at this time in our lives.  Here each student can reach their specific result and meet their needs.”