Winter Intensive 2017 Teacher Training


30 hour Advanced Training for Yoga Teachers

March 11th thru April 22nd 2017 with Carmel Calcagno

Saturday afternoons 1 – 4pm

Cost: register before February 17th $$550 after the 18th $650


There are many reasons to continue your studies, whether you are teaching now or have completed a Yoga Teacher Training but don’t quite feel ready to teach.  Perhaps you are looking to learn new ideas, approaches and techniques and add them to what you already know. Take this opportunity to enhance your teaching style and begin teaching from the seat of your heart with the confidence of being. 

This will be a truly enlightening experience for those who attend.  This is an opportunity to study the techniques and practices with all the tools of Anusara and with teachers who is  willing to share the therapeutic and heart-awakening benefits of the practice so you can discover how profoundly healing this yoga can be.

Step Into this Current of Grace and you will find yourself in an in-depth exploration of

* Universal Principles of Alignment,

* Ethical precepts and studentship

* The Art and Skill of Teaching Yoga

* Teaching with a theme

* Cultivating heart-oriented language

* Teaching with technical precision

* Individualized mentoring and facilitation with supportive feedback

* Art of guiding a centering and Savasana

* Art of the demonstration

* Art of sequencing

* Lesson planning and design

* Art of observation, verbal, and physical adjustments

* Use of props and modifications for beginners

* Conscious communication skills

* Professional practice and ethics

*Integration through chanting, meditation, pranayama, contemplation, and journal writing

Required Class Dates are:

March 11th – 18th – 25th  – April 1st – April 8th – April 15th – April 22

This training also includes 1 class a week with Carmel to take or observe.

“One of the best decisions I ever made was enrolling in Carmel’s 30 hour TT workshop.  I learned so much more in this workshop than I think I did during my 200 hour RYT.  Carmel’s endless amounts of patience, knowledge and hands on instruction really brought each asana to life for me…This workshop was a wonderful gift I gave to myself to enhance my knowledge of yoga by learning from one of, in my opinion, the best yoga teachers around.  I left literally “hungry” for more and plan to sign up for as many workshops Carmel has to offer. No matter what your personal goals are – Carmel’s workshop will help you achieve them.”
Michelle Benedict, Feb – May 2015 TT workshop

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